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The CoinVila and VilToken Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy") sets out the terms and conditions under which CoinVila Inc. (“Company”, “CoinVila”, “we”, “our”, or “us”) collects information via our website www.coinVila.com (“Website”), our associated mobile application and other applications made available by our Company (collectively “Web or Mobile App”). Through our Website and App (collectively, “Site”), CoinVila provides information on Blockchain, cryptocurrency, digital tokens, News, coins, initial coin offerings (“ICO”) and other related information, as well as APIs (including but not limited to the CoinVila API), widgets, plugins, extensions, patches, decentralized token swaps, coin purchases, listing of coins, ICO, new exchange listing, and/or events listing (“Activity Post”), features for online subscription, registration of account, registration of interest for any of our services or events, our messaging services, update functions, and/or any other services and products provided by our Company whether by itself or in conjunction with other third parties (individually and collectively, our “Site Services”).

As such, this Privacy Policy applies to any person (hereinafter referred to as “you” or “user”) who accesses, reads, participates in, or uses our Website, App and APIs (including any variations, updates, support patches or successors), forums, blogs, any of our Site Services, and/or any charts, rankings, pricing, trading volume, articles, news, press release, analysis, reports, information, write-ups, photographs, pictures, profiles, testimonials, tips, advertisements, media files and other content on our Website, our App, and our Site Services (collectively, “Site Content”), as well as to any person who receives our news updates, news summaries, press release updates, reports, analysis, newsletters, EDMs, marketing materials, promotional updates, support patches, technical updates, new version releases (whether for our APIs or App), messages (via any channels), or other emails (collectively, "Updates"). “Site Content” and “Updates” collectively shall be referred to as “Content”.

In order to serve you better and provide you with the information of interest to you, listing of your Activity Post, functionalities such as decentralized token swaps, appropriate customer service or product requested for, we require information from you, some of which may be considered as Personal Data. We understand the importance of the privacy and security of your information, and we have therefore set out in detail below how we collect and use your information. Kindly review the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy as follows so that you may be reassured that we take data protection seriously:-

Please note that your access to and use of our Site is subject to our Website Terms of Use (“Website Terms of Use”), the terms and conditions as set out here in this Privacy Policy, and any other terms of service (including rules and guidelines) that may be applicable to your use of our Content, Website, Updates and/or Site Services such as Activity Posted and listed on our website with all terms, conditions, rules and guidelines shall hereinafter be collectively referred to as the “Agreement”). Accordingly, by accessing our Website or any of our Content, using any of our Site Services, or otherwise howsoever providing us with your Personal Data, you are agreeing to our collection of your information pursuant to this Privacy Policy. Should you disagree with any clause in the Agreement, please immediately cease your access to, participation in, and use of our Website, our App, our Content and our Site Services with our related VILA web or mobile app using the VILATOKEN.

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