CoinVila - Open Source Blockchain R&D Project



What started as a Whatsapp group on early 2017 as grown to what you see now. It all began as a platform to inform Nigerian millennials of what Bitcoin, Cyrptocurrency and Blockchain is all about with a direction on how to buy and sell safely. CoinVila Project is the start of a kind of one stop shop for all things crypto. Whether to track cryptocurrency assets, sharing and discussing cryptocurrency with a vibrant community, or following the latest trends - CoinVila has you covered.



CoinVila intends to create a comprehensive, one-stop shop for cryptocurrency tracking, sharing and learning. At the same time, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive service, which is both accessible and functional for experienced and inexperienced cryptocurrency users alike.


Cryptocurrency and the blockchain are just beginning to make a tangible impact on how we lead our lives. We are adamant that this is the beginning of a paradigm shift that will have far-reaching effects.

CoinVila aim to create the number one go to platform for cryptocurrency and blockchain related matters. Furthermore, we aspire to connect cryptocurrency users in meaningful ways, as well as to further the general knowledge on the issue - and to solidify CoinVila as creators of user friendly blockchain applications without all the tech jargon.  



The cryptocurrency community is a testament to the internet’s awesome power to bring people together. CoinVila will help to further facilitate even more so by connecting crypto aficionados and beginners alike to each other and to relevant content through creating of web and mobile applications which will be open source.

Applications that will be created are all backed by cryptocurrency token as a form of gamification are social network, cryptocurrency asset exchange, smart contracts, escrowed services, etc

About VilaToken : VilaToken - Hyper Utility Token Powering Multiple Platforms. Coming Soon. Watch out so you dont miss out!